Customizing Application Template

by Remy Lacanaria

Posted on 2018-10-22 18:15:41

Step 1. Log in to your Smart Housing landlord account.customizing application template.png


Step 2. On the dashboard, click on your account's name located on the top right corner,customizing application template 2.pngthen select "settings".customizing application template 4.pngStep 3. On settings scroll down, go to "Custom Form Templates" , then select  "Application Templates".customizing application template 5.png



Step 4. On Application Templates, click on "new application" or  "Add Application". customizing application template 6a.png


4a. Then this page will show up, where you can now edit or customize your Application Template according to your needs

  and the way that will suits you.Click and drag the elements below, and drop them on the "Rental Application" to build out your custom application.customizing application template 7.png

 Step 5. Once your done customizing your Application Template, click on " SAVE AS NEW or UPDATE" , and you will now have a new application

template or an updated application template that's right for your needs.customizing application template 8.png