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Pros and Cons of Pet Living in Apartment

Landlords generally are free to decide whether or not they will allow their tenants to have a pet in...

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Property Manager Needs To Know

Managing tenant is one of the most important responsibilities of a Property Manager. It is important...

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Things to Know Before Signing a Lease

Moving to a new location or apartment is exciting. But there are few things we have to consider firs...

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Renting to Student

In this blog post, we will talk about some benefits, risks you will possibly encounter and how to he...

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Tenant Violated a No Pet Clause

A landlord can give a tenant an eviction notice or Notice to Vacate when a tenant violates any of th...

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How Apartment Leasing Work

As a landlord, you have some important responsibilities to your tenants. A landlord is responsible t...

5 Things to Remember When Renting Out Your Apartment2.PNG

Things to Remember When Renting Out Your Apartment

As a landlord, you are responsible to keep your apartment or rental property in good condition, habi...

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Having a Virtual office: Its Pros and Cons

Virtual Office is a technology-based office that allows the business owner and employees to work rem...

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Best Way To Clean Your Windows

Here are some tips on how to clean them and what you can use to get a streak-free result.

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Bed Bugs and How to Control It

Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy but there are steps that we will share here on how you can contr...

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Tenant Terminating Lease Early

If a renter made a breach of contract like failure to pay rent, create damage to the property or vio...

Dos and Donts Living in Apartment2.PNG

Do's and Don'ts of Living in Apartment

There are a few important things that you need to consider to have a comfortable place to stay. Here...

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Landlord FAQs

Landlord's FAQs

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PROs & CONs of Multifamily Homes

In this blog, we will talk about some ideas about the pros and cons to help you when you consider in...

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Pros and Cons of Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

Month-to-month rental agreement is good, if you happen to find a good tenant, however, it is not sta...