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Tenants Need to Know About Apartment Inspections

Renting an apartment is an exciting thing to do especially to those first-time renters. But there is...

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Tenant's Rights Violated

Like all landlords, tenants also have their rights when they rent a property. But different states h...

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Establishing Rental Standards

Every landlord may have slightly different qualifying standards, and that is fine, as long as the st...

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Common Reasons Tenancy Ends

Know the common reasons why tenancy has to end.

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Rent Collection Tips & Techniques

Here we will tackle some of the important tips and techniques that will make your tenant pay on time...

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To Rent or Not to Rent to Pet Owners

Know the things that you need to consider before renting to pet owners.

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Knowing Your Rights as a Tenant

Your tenancy agreement does not only tell you your responsibility as a tenant but also gives certain...

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Methods of Collecting Rent

Here are some options first time landlords can consider to use in collecting rent payments.

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Most Common Lease Violations

It is better to be aware of those common lease violations to protect yourself if ever your tenant, h...

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The Pros and Cons of Renting

In this article, we will share some of those cons and pros that will help ease your mind. Renting an...

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Security Deposit FAQs

Collecting security deposit in rental property is usual for landlords to ask tenants before your ten...

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Normal Wear and Tear vs Damage

Let us help you in discerning between normal wear and tear against damages.

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Marketing your Rental Property

Marketing your properties is all about exposure, the more exposure you get, the more applications yo...


Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeowners Association

Taking things into consideration will help you decide whether you want to be in HOA community or not...