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More Income Streams From Your Properties.PNG

More Income Streams from Your Properties

You can earn more income streams from your rental properties after you read this blog.


What Renters Need to Know When the Property is in Foreclosure

Tips on what and how you will know if the one your renting is in foreclosure.

Ways to Increase Cash Flow2.JPG

Ways to Increase the Cash Flow on a Rental Property

This article will give you some tips on how to increase your rental property cash flow.

Wear and Tear vs Damage1.PNG

Documenting Wear and Tear vs Damage

Knowing and documenting wear and tear against damages will let landlords know who is going to be res...

Moving Out1.PNG

Moving Out

Tenant would want the process of moving out with no hassle and conflict. So, here are some tips to h...

Landlord Then and Now2.PNG

Landlording, Then and Now

See the difference of landlording back then and now.

Running a Virtual Property Management2.JPG

Considerations When Running a Virtual Property Management Business

Renting a physical office can cost a lot of money due to it's operating cost. And having a virtual p...

air condition2.JPG

Benefits of Air Conditioning

Do you know there are benefits that air-conditioning can give? Here, we will share some idea of air-...


Big Guys vs. Little Guys vs. College in Property Management

In those ten years, I’ve dealt with several types of property management. For the most part, I hav...

Appreciate tenant2.JPG

5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Tenants

Here, we will share 5 ways to show appreciation to your good tenants that may help them stay for a w...

Moving In 2.png

Moving In

What you need to know before moving-in to your rental place.

Reasons Landlord Screens Tenants.JPG

Reasons Why Landlords Screen Tenant Applicants

Here we will share some reason why landlords screen potential tenants and the steps most landlords n...

Subletting FAQ2.PNG


What you need to know about subletting and being a sub-tenant

Will you allow smoking1.JPG

Will You Allow Smoking in Your Rental Property?

We will talk about here what some landlords may consider for a non-smoking property and for landlord...

Roommate moving out2.JPG

Your Roommate Is Moving Out

It could be a complicated situation to some when your roommate suddenly decides to leave; this might...