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Everything from Rent Payments to Property Websites

Smart Pages


Chose from seven unique customizable property website templates, that are SEO optimized, Mobile Friendly and around half the price of other website host.

Smart Pages Product

Smart Leads

Smart Leads tracks all Marketing Campaigns , Applicants and Inquires from Smart Pages Property Websites, then seamlessly notifies and moves opportunities into your screening process.

Smart Leads
Smart Application Computer Screen

Smart Applications

Resident Apply Online and your Manager gets notified immediately. Smart Applications Save Time and Money and flow smoothly to Smart Screening.

Computer Smart Screening

Smart Screening


Smart Screening provides more then just a credit report, with multiple screening options/packages, with detailed reports & graphs to interpret your applicants whole financial picture.

Smart Score Screens

Smart Score


Use our Resident Scoring Model to help you rent your properties. Our score calculates debt to income ratio and credit.

Smart Lease Screen

Smart Lease


Lease Quickly to Residents pulling data from their Application. Residents can move-in within minutes!

Online Rent Payments

Accept rent online easily with Smart Housing. Deposits and Application Fees can be paid by the resident. Processing fees can be either taken by the owner or assigned to the Resident.

Rent Payment Bank
Credit Card Swiper

In Office Card Reader

We make it easy to accept Deposits, Rent and Application fees in the Managers office with our Card Readers. Plug it into your computer and accept payments immediately.

Smart Accounting Icon

Smart Accounting

Balance the books and your life with the Smart Housing Accounting system. The Double Entry System is powerful enough for Enterprise level solutions.