Add a Bank Account - Resident

by Andrea West

Posted on 2017-06-02 10:47:21

This tutorial goes over the steps residents need to follow in order to add a bank account to their Smart Housing portal.



Step 1 - When logged in to your Smart Housing resident portal, look for the box on the right-hand side titled Payment Accounts. Click on 'Add Bank Account.'

bankaccount 1.PNG


Step 2 - Fill in your bank account information. Then select 'Next.'

bankaccount 2.PNG



Step 3 - This page lists your bank account information. Make sure it is correct.

bankaccount 3.PNG


a - On the same page, read the instructions at the bottom. They explain important steps you will need to follow later.

bank account step 4a.PNG


b - If all of the information for your bank account looks correct, select 'Next.'



Step 4 - A screen will show that your bank account has been added. But now you need to verify your bank account before you can use it.

bankaccount 4.PNG


To Verify Your Bank Account

Step 1 - Once you have submitted your bank account information, in three to five business days you will see two small deposits from Smart Housing show up in your bank account. When you see these, login to your Smart Housing account.

verify step 1.PNG


Step 2 - Find the box titled Payment Accounts. It will list the bank account that you put in earlier. Click on the red 'Verify' button.

bankaccount v2.PNG


Step 3 - A small box will pull up and you will put in the numbers of the two small deposits you received from Smart Housing. Do not put in decimals. The deposits will always be two digits long. For example, if one of the deposit numbers was forty-nine cents, I would put in 49. If it was six cents put in 06. Sixty cents would be 60. After you have typed in the deposits, click on the green 'Save Changes' button.

bankaccount v3.PNG


Once your bank account has been successfully verified, you can use it to make rent payments.