Frequently Asked Questions - Resident

by Andrea West

Posted on 2017-06-13 15:17:42

Q - What are the ‘Tenant Access Code’ and the ‘Landlord Code’?
A - In order for the software to know who your payments are supposed to go to, you need to be linked to your landlord. By inserting these codes, your information will route to the right person. In order to get the ‘Tenant Access Code’ and ‘Landlord Code’ talk with your landlord.


Q - What options can I use to pay my rent?
A - You can use a credit card, debit card, or your bank account. Paying by card has a 3.5% fee on top of your rent. There is no extra fee to use your bank account.


Q - How long does it take to verify my bank account?
A - Three to five business days.


Q - I’ve signed up for automatic payments. Why wasn’t my rent pulled this month?
A - The most common reason for this is that on the landlord side, you are past the charge-end date. For example, if your lease ended January 2 it is likely that your automatic payments were set to end that day also, so this could be why your rent wasn’t taken out in February. If this has happened to you, ask your landlord about it.


Q - How can I contact Smart Housing?
A - On our website, you can

1) Use the chat box found in the bottom, right-hand corner

2) Set up a ticket request on our website by clicking on the ‘Contact’ tab and filling out the ‘Contact Us’ section

       Or you can call us at 801-210-5000