How to Complete Application and Application Fee for Co-Applicant

by Remy Lacanaria

Posted on 2018-10-03 15:57:50

Step 1. Log in to your Smarthousing complete app. and application fee 2.png


1a. On your dashboard you will see the HOUSEHOLD and STATUS, click VIEW APPLICATION under complete app. and application fee.png

1b. After clicking, you will see this part where you can add your co-applicant. Hit application.png



1c. and this form will pop up and you need to fill up this page, then hit save if your application 2.png



Step 2. Once your done, you can now see your co-applicants name being added on the application, then click "apply now" co-applicant application 3.png



 2a. This portal will show up, check the small box beside "I understand and agree" , then click "apply now"co-applicant application 10.png


2b. This will lead to "application form" , while filling out, this form will pop out, answer, check I ACCEPT then Save, and you will get back to application formco-applicant application 6.png


2c. and you need to fill out every fields especially those with red asterisk. Signed it up, and hit "next steps" .co-applicant  application 5.png


Step 3. You may now proceed in paying for your application application 7 (2).png



3a. Fill the payment form, and make sure that it matches the details you put on your application form with Smart housing, once done, hit "submit payment" .co-applicant application 8.png


3b. If you have successfully submitted your payment, it will now reflect on your dashboardco-applicant application 9.png