Signup on Smart Housing and Link to Your Landlord

by Andrea West

Posted on 2017-06-02 10:47:26

This tutorial helps you know how to link to your landlord. You have to be linked to your landlord in order for the system to know who to send your rent payments to.


Step 1 - Go to and register. Once you have put in your name, email, and password, and accepted the terms and conditions, click on the green 'Sign-Up!' button.

link 1.PNG


Step 2 - Select the 'I'm a Resident' option.

link 2.PNG


Step 3 - You will see a box titled Link to Manager that asks for a Tenant Access Code and a Landlord Code. You need to get these codes from your landlord. They can print off a letter with the codes for you.

link 3.PNG


Step 4 - Once you know what your codes are, type them in and click on the green 'Link to Manager' button.

link 4.PNG


Step 5 - You can tell that you are linked to your landlord because your tenant profile will include your rental property information and the ability to pay rent.

link 5.PNG