Setup Automatic Payments

by Andrea West

Posted on 2017-06-02 10:47:16

This tutorial will give you the steps you need to go through in order to setup automatic payments.



Step 1 - Setup a bank account or a credit card. You can view the instructions to setup a bank account here. You can view the instructions to add a credit or debit card here. There is a 3.5% fee to use a credit or debit card. There is no extra fee to use a bank account though it does take three to five days to setup initially.




Step 2 - From your main page, scroll down until you see the box titled Setup Automatic Payments. It will be on the right-hand side.

autopay 2.PNG


Step 3 - Click on the green 'Setup Auto Payments' button.

autopay 3.PNG


Step 4 - Select the payment method you want to use.

autopay 4.PNG


Step 5 - A drop-down option will appear. Select the specific bank account or card you want to use for automatic payments. Then click the green 'Next' button.

autopay 5.PNG


Step 6 - Select how much you would like to pay. Full Balance Due means that whatever your balance shows that you owe, that is the amount that will pull out. Enter Amount gives you the option to tell the system to only pull a certain amount of money.

autopay 6.PNG


Step 7 - Determine how often you would like to pay. In the Occurence field you can only select Monthly. If you want automatic payments to run more often than that you can setup more than one autopay.

Then put in your First Payment Date. This day will determine when the money is pulled each month. For example, if you want your money pulled on the fifth, and you want it to start in June, your First Payment Date would be 06/05/2017. Then click on the green 'Next' button.

autopay 7.PNG


Step 8 - Review the information on the page. If all of the information is correct click on the green 'Agree and Start Auto Payments' button.

autopay 8.PNG


Step 9 - This page lets you know that your automatic payment has been scheduled. Click on 'Go to Dashboard.'

autopay 9.PNG


Step 10 - On the dashboard, confirm that your auto-pay is listed in the Setup Automatic Payments box.

autopay 10.PNG


Note - If you are setting up an automatic payment on the same day you want to make a payment, you will need to make a one-time payment using the large green 'Make Payment' button. Auto-pay will not pull on the same day that you set it up.