Verify Your Bank Account - Resident

by Cierylene Piernes

Posted on 2018-09-05 12:06:09

Step 1 - Once you have added your bank account information, you have authorized Smart Housing to send two small deposits in order to verify that the bank account belongs to you.


In 3-5 business days you will see two small deposits from Smart Housing show up in your bank account. When you see these small deposits, login to your Smart Housing account.


Step 2 - You will see your bank account listed in the Payment Accounts section. It will list the name you gave your bank account and will have a Verify beside. Click on 'Verify'.


Step 3 - A small box will pull up and you will put in the numbers of the two small deposits you received from Smart Housing. Put only numbers without symbols. The deposits will always be two digits long.




*For example, if one of the deposit amount was forty-nine cents, put in 49. If it was six cents put in 06. Sixty cents would be 60. After you have typed in the deposits, click on the 'Save Changes' button.


You have now verified and ready to use your bank account.