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Property Websites Fast, Easy and Affordable

Online Presence Made Easy and Affordable

Smart Pages is built for Property Manager and Owners. We make it easy to update and manage your Property Website without breaking the bank.

Templates Mobile Friendly

All of our templates are 100% Mobile Responsive which means your residents can visit the site on their phones/tablets easily.

Smart Pages Mobile Devices

Improve Lead Generation

Don't waste money on advertising platforms when your site can generate leads directly for you. Smart Pages helps manage leads through the entire process.

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Seven Unique Templates

Choose from one of our multiple templates and modify the colors and content easily and on the fly. No need to ever have a Tech Webmaster anymore!

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Pay Less, Get More

Don't pay the crazy prices of other companies, Smart Pages gives more and costs less.

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SEO Optimized Sites

All Templates have been modified to the latest Google SEO Standards and are optimized to help you generate more leads and save you money.

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Available Templates

Below is a list of our Seven Templates available for you to choose from:

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain is an open template that allows you to benefit from large font and icons throughout the site.

Rocky Mountain Template


Appalachian is stylish and modern with darker colors and more simple call to actions. Featured Properties are very "front and center".

Appalachian Template


Sierra is clean and simple with whitespace and a modern feel. Impress prospective residents and current tenants with a slick site.

Sierra Template


Atlas contains very clear "Call to Action" buttons and focus on specific elements of the page. The bright colors stand out and are customizable.

Atlas Template


Teton is a beautiful template that is 100% responsive and adjusts according to the users computer monitor. The splash page stands out and is unique.

Cascade Template


Columbia is dark and direct. More is available on the pages and connections to the Smart Housing Platform allow for powerful connections.

Columbia Template

Corporate Template

The Corporate Template is not for apartment listings but instead allows you to list information about your general corporation.

Corporate Template