Different Eviction Notices for first time Landlord and Property Manager

by Remy Lacanaria

Posted on 2019-06-07 10:38:59

How to Evict a Tenant for first time Landlord and Property Manager :


There are rules in evicting a tenant. It is not only just a simple thing, that if you don't like your renter , you can just simply let him or her be out of your rental unit. Everything should come in process., so first time landlord and property manager should follow and do the process. Here are some of the issues that first time landlord, property manager or even those who have been in the business of rental property for so long, should be aware of:


1. Eviction Notices for cause

This cause may come in different forms and there are 3 types of eviction notice for a cause:


a. Pay rent or quit notices, this is given when tenant is deliquent in paying rent.

b. Cure or quit notices, this one is when a tenant does something wrong or violates a term of the lease agreement. Tenant is only be given short amount of time to cure the defect or else face eviction.

c. Last is the unconditional quit notices. This notices is only be used if a tenant is always been paying late rent, refusal to pay rent, damaged the rental property or engaged in dangerous or illegal activity on the property.


2. Eviction Notice without a Cause

This eviction notice means that the landlord doesn't have to have any reason for a tenant to be out. However, there are some states that have rent controlled apartments, that require landlords to give valid reasons for wanting a tenant to be out and end leases without a proper cause.


3. Removing the Tenant

If the landlord happens to win against his/her tenant, doesn't mean that you can easily take the tenants belongings and put it somewhere else. If the tenant still refuse to leave,you can take the court order to the local sheriff. There were times that tenants leave their belongings inside the rental unit after they were evicted and some states do not allow landlords to do anything with their property, other than to contact the tenant to get their things back to them.


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