Bed Bugs and How to Control It

by Mary Anne Ragragio

Posted on 2019-09-08 20:17:01

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Bed Bugs and How To Control It


Bed bugs are a wingless tiny insect that lives by means of feeding human blood, other mammals and birds as well. They bite and make you feel itchy. Even if they are more active at night, when they get hungry they can also feed during daylight. Getting rid of them is not easy but there are steps here that we will share on how you can consider controlling the problem.

A lot of places in the country are experiencing an increase in bed bugs complaints. Bed bugs are one of the problem pests that are not only hard to find but are considered as difficult pests to destroy completely right away. They hide in tiny cracks that are difficult to find and be spotted easily.

Bed bugs are hitchhikers. They can come from the infested area, can be found in lodging, used furniture, and can spread via human or from anywhere outside. They can hitch a ride from clothes, luggage, or from other items until they spread to a new location. Infestation may start when they feed and reproduce. You may inspect your mattresses, floors, walls for signs of bed bugs infestations.

It is a lengthy process to eradicate them completely. Heat-treating or you can get the service of a bed bug exterminator who is bed bugs control specialist and has the training, knowledge, and equipment that helps exterminate the bed bugs.

Using chemicals to get rid of bed bugs problem easily don’t always apply due to allergies, pregnancy, or because it can harm a child and pet’s health.

There are natural ways of getting rid of bugs that are said to be an effective way to control bed bugs problem, and here are some examples:  

  • Frequent vacuuming
  • Clean everything and get rid of clutter especially in your bedroom
  • Move your bed or furniture away from walls
  • Wash bed linens, curtains, clothes that may have touched the bed
  • Wrapping mattresses
  • Diluted tea tree oil solution
  • Dispose of cleaning bag properly

Signs of bedbug’s bites don’t appear right away after you get bitten. It produces a feeling of discomfort, itchiness inflammation. When you get the bite, it takes time before it develops reactions; they may become slightly swollen with an itchy irritating red center. If swelling or itchiness persists, you may consider consulting medical attention.





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