Landlords Life Hacks

by Remy Lacanaria

Posted on 2019-05-09 09:56:28

Here are the tips and tricks on making a landlords life more easier:


Landlords Life Hacks 5.png




1. Painting the Walls and Ceilings with same color.

With this hack, you will likely get to know what paint the tenants used when they moved out.


2. Use Curtains

Mini blinds are good, but curtains are more cheaper than blinds. It can be washed and rehung.


3. Repainting Old Appliances

You don't need a new appliances, just repaint it. By doing so, it can make your old appliances look as good as new.


4. Appliance Sale

Appliances go on sale, and you can save as much as 50% off.


5. Storing Your Documents Online

Using Google docs, you can access your rental contracts at home or the office easily. Or use a property management software that can store your files safely, like Smart Housing.


6. Tenant Retention Ideas

Tips for keeping your tenants happy and paying:

a. send birthday cards to each tenant
b. sending them a postcard once every quarter, just asking them, if there's anything you can do for them.
c. give them an upgrade whenever they reach one year of tenancy in your unit.


7. Lease Signing and Storage

With Smart Housing you don't need to problem where you will keep all your files and documents. Just log in to your account and you can access all your files.


8. Brighter Units

Replace all the light bulbs like the ones used for bathrooms. The brighter the units, the more it will look cozy, spacious, and clear.