Tenant Qualities that Landlord look for

by Cierylene Piernes

Posted on 2019-08-07 20:17:01

Aside from the credit, criminal and background screening, which can be done using Smart Housing’s Smart Screening, a landlord can assess a good quality tenant in many ways. It will only need a little effort and patience but it is worth for you to be able to find the qualities of a tenant that you want to look for. Because the ability to pay rent is not the only thing to look at. You may consider these few important details to help you find a good tenant with the following traits and character.



 Tenant Qualities.PNG


Good references

By doing some due diligence, calling previous landlords, employers and other personal references will help you determine if your prospective tenants are the one you are looking for. You may ask for information from past landlords about their previous tenants, and if you get good feedback or positive comments then your prospective tenant is probably a good renter.



A responsible tenant does not only pay rent and bills in a timely manner but also mows the lawn, pulls off the weeds, changes the filters and take care of the day-to-day maintenance of the house as if he's treating it as his own. A responsible tenant does not only take care of the rent and bills but also takes care of the property as if it is his.



Next to being responsible, being respectful is a character you would want to look for in a tenant because he will know, respect and follow the lease terms and agreements.  Of course, it's mutual respect to have a harmonious tenant-landlord relationship.



A tenant who constantly communicates are tenants to be treasured because they will inform you of maintenance issues which need to be taken care of. Aside from that, healthy communication fosters a healthy tenant-landlord relationship.



A tenant who knows are able to handle minor issues are tenants to be kept. Because it will only prove they are not that needy tenant, who is full of complaint. Those tenants are not that type of high maintenance tenants. This follows on the responsible trait.


Good previous rental history

You may check the previous history of the tenant by contacting the previous landlords. It would be a good idea to ask questions, maybe something like how good they pay the rent on time, or if they maintained the property well. This will help you determine if the tenant is the one you want to trust living in your apartment.

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