Smart Housing's Online Applications

by Andrea West

Posted on 2017-09-11 12:19:32

This blog is an overview of some of the features you will love about Smart Housing’s Smart Applications.

Paperless Applications

When you process your rental applications online, you are able to email applications to potential residents. You don’t have to wait for scans or faxes, and no longer need to worry about if the printer will stop working right when you need it most.

Cloud-Based Storage

All applications are stored in the cloud. This means you can view the status of an application from any computer anywhere with internet access. You could even use your phone or tablet if you wanted. Say goodbye to storage cabinets and paper clutter!

Household Information

When you send off an application email, if the potential resident has other adults moving in with them that will also need to fill out an application, they can list them as a co-applicant so they receive the email also. All applicants of the household are grouped together so that you know who belongs with who while you can also view their information separately.

Real-Time Updates

As the applicants fill in the information, you can view it through your Smart Housing account. This allows the landlord to see exactly what steps the applicant has completed and what still needs to be done before the application is submitted.

Quickly Approve or Deny

Once you see that the application has been fully submitted, Smart Housing makes it easy for you to move on to the next step - order a background check and screening. Once you have all the information that you need about the applicant, you can approve or deny them quickly. If you need to refer to the application later, all the information will still be there for you to access.

Association Approved Applications

Our standard Smart Application is approved by national associations and is the default used by millions nationally.

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