Rejecting an Applicant

by Andrea West

Posted on 2017-08-10 10:38:15

You’ve listed your apartment for rent,

You’ve collected a dozen or so online rental applications,

You’ve given your current resident the information for move-out,

You’ve updated all of your accounting books,

You’ve decided who your next tenant is going to be,

You feel like you’re on top of things,


Except the work is never really done.


You have everything lined up for your apartment to smoothly transition from the old resident to the new, but you also need to take care of the applicants who weren’t accepted to move in.


Accepted or not, all rental applicants need to know what your decision was.

  • Let them know by email or snail mail
  • You can give them a call as well, but make sure you give them a written notice
  • If they request to know why they weren’t accepted, you do need to tell them
  • Refer to your rental criteria when responding to these requests


It’s easy.


So easy, you may forget to do it, so here’s your friendly reminder. Plus, most states require landlords to tell all applicants whether they were accepted or not. That’s a good reason to get this done.