Benefits of Paying Your Rent Online

by Mary Anne Ragragio

Posted on 2019-07-29 20:17:01

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Here are some benefits of paying your rent online


Having experienced the modern digital technology we have in our lives right now, lots of improvements were made in order to make our life comfortable. When asked some renters how they felt about the idea of paying online, most renters believed that paying rent online is a convenient feature.  Some renters failed to make a payment on time, some of them simply because they forgot; so here are some benefits that will make your life easier through paying rent online:


  • Saves your time. Instead of driving to the place where you will pay your rent it will save your time sitting from your couch, office or anywhere you are most comfortable. It will save you money in gasoline as well. You may consider setting up an automatic payment. Smart Housing is property management software that allows the tenant to make an online rent payment. Setting up an automatic online rent payment will help you establish a set of interval time of payment (usually monthly) from your account so you won’t have to repeatedly make a payment over and over again. It will automatically withdraw a certain amount from either your bank account, debit or credit card to save you time. Your automatic payment will continue to charge monthly until you cancel it.


  • Helps information secured. The safety feature of online rent payment is your log-in information and some bank verification whenever you make payments online to help identify the one who’s making the payment. Using a bank check have most of your personal and bank information. Most renters make payment using bank check; it shows important bank information such as bank account, routing number and personal information (sometimes even your phone number). Online payments eliminate risks associated with the cash payment option. Thus, it is one of the reasons why paying online is safe and secured because you don’t have to show to the public your bank account information. And reduces the chance of check fraud.


  1. Convenient and Less stress. It is very convenient to almost everyone now because they can make payments anywhere. It makes them feel more comfortable with digital transactions because it’s easy. That’s why tenants would prefer and don’t have to worry and stress about receiving monthly invoices knocking on their door for payment collection, lessen the task of writing a check all the time rent is due, checking the mailbox to see the invoices, driving somewhere to make payments, and don’t exert too much effort because it makes their life easier. It will help them establish a recurring payment to lessen their stress thinking about the monthly due date of their rent. The easier and convenient way, the more tenants would be interested and encouraged to make a payment.
  2. And it is also convenient to landlords because they do not have to manually make recordings of their tenant’s payment to their accounting ledger. It will lessen their frequent visit to the bank just to deposit checks. Landlords may consider scheduling recurring charges; this allows tenants to have automatic deductions from their bank account.







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