Security Alarm on Rental Property

by Mary Anne Ragragio

Posted on 2019-05-23 08:28:11

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Security Alarm in Rental Property


It is important to have a security alarm system because it keeps you and your loved ones and possessions safe. There are apartments who already have a security alarm installed in their rental property, check it on your rental agreement or coordinate with your landlord or property manager. Here, we share some important solutions that can help you add security to your apartment to keep you and your loved ones safe.


Check the apartment you are interested to rent

  • If you are still looking for an apartment to rent, do some research first before you sign a lease.
  • There are some apartments who already have a security alarm installed in each unit. But not all apartments have security alarm or system ready.
  • In case the apartment complex you are interested to rent doesn’t have a security system installed, you may talk to your landlord or property manager first and see what they can do about it since safety for sure is one of the most important concerns they care about. It could be an issue because you have to drill holes and run wires through the walls.
  • Visit the apartment complex to see the security level of the apartment.
  • You may talk to some residents and with the landlord or property manager to determine how much is the security of the place.
  • If your apartment doesn’t have a security alarm system installed, it is better to coordinate with your landlord or property manager about it.


Installing an alarm system

Some apartment complexes don’t have a security alarm ready on them. If you want to add security to your unit, it would be better to discuss with your landlord or property manager first before start calling the security companies. Your landlord or property manager might approve it. It is important to ensure to make a written request with approval, and check if installing security alarm won't affect your security deposit.



This whole article is for informational purposes only should not be taken as professional advice. This is the author’s personal expression of the topic.  



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