Things to Remember When Renting to Elderly Tenants

by Mary Anne Ragragio

Posted on 2019-06-18 12:04:05

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Things to Remember When Renting to Elderly Tenants


Renting to elderly tenants can be a good decision. They are mature and more responsible when it comes to paying their rent. Many older tenants have a stable or steady income that they get from their savings; some of them possibly get it from their business, pension or social security. And some of them probably have the rent ready before the due date.

Most of them will give you less stress and peace of mind, a quieter member of the community and they're not prone to loud parties. Many elderly tenants are known to be a fantastic tenant, most of them are more likely to stay longer in the same property which is an advantage for many landlords.   

The landlord cannot evict an elderly tenant base on age. Be aware of anti-discrimination laws. You can not discriminate elderly tenant just on the basis of age because it is a violation of the Federal Fair Housing Act 1968 and the Federal Fair Amendments Act. It is not necessary to favor them but you can’t disfavor them as well.

Discrimination against an elderly tenant with a disability is also prohibited. As a landlord, you can make a reasonable place to stay for tenants with a disability. Federal and anti-discriminating laws also protect tenants not only base on their age, familial status, religion, race, and ethnicity but also tenants with a disability. Therefore, once you accept the tenant, you cannot evict them as a result of discrimination.  

Consider your tenant’s safety is highly important, especially to elderly tenants and with a disability. For their safety you may consider doing the following:

  • Putting grip rails on some part of the house especially in the shower area or bathroom is a great help for your older tenants or people with disability.
  • Make a door wheelchair-accessible.
  • You may reserve a handicapped parking space near the apartment entrance for the tenant with disabilities.
  • You may also consider putting a stairlift installed in your property.
  • Or a ramp in the property entrance. 

Ask your tenant to provide an emergency contact. Another important thing that landlords need to consider is to have their elderly tenant’s emergency contact. They could be the nearest relatives or friends who live nearby. This is to help your elderly tenants in case they will face an emergency situation.

Be careful when considering eviction. When you are renting to elderly, there will be at some point that you have to make a difficult decision dealing with eviction. Elderly have a lot of protection when regards to unfair treatment, discrimination and things that relate to eviction. To make sure you will do the correct procedures and decision, you may consider asking for your attorney’s advice first. Be cautious, understanding and ensure to do some research before making any decision.







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