Your Roommate Is Moving Out

by Mary Anne Ragragio

Posted on 2019-07-01 05:40:42

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Your Roommate is Moving Out


Things sometimes have to come to an end. Like your roommate has to move out unexpectedly. Your roommate is maybe transferring to a different city or state to be closer to his/her family, or your roommate just found a new job but very far from the current location so has to move out, etc. It could be a complicated situation to some when your roommate suddenly decides to leave; this might leave you to sort out the mess alone and can throw your finances out of control. Here are some pieces of advice and things to consider helping you move to the next step.

When your roommate is moving out, this would mean that you are now on your own. There are questions that you possibly need to answer and consider before and after your roommate leave.

  • Are you planning to stay because of some important matter or are you decided to leave as well because you will not be able to afford everything by yourself? If you decide to stay and you are a good tenant, there is a possibility that your landlord may be willing to help you look for a new roommate. But if you plan to leave also, you might find yourself paying for a fee for breaking the lease. You definitely would want to keep a good relationship to your landlord and so it would be better to always coordinate with them.
  • Can you afford to pay the rent and all the utility bills alone?
    • This is one of the important things to consider when your roommate is moving out; can you afford to pay all expenses by yourself? This may not be easy especially if you're on a tough budget. If not you may consider getting a new roommate to help you pay the rent and utility expenses.
  • How about considering getting a new roommate?
    • Choosing the right roommate may not be easy. Is it better to choose a roommate that you already knew or would it be better to choose a stranger? Think thoroughly first what you really want for a roommate before you start screening a potential roommate. What's important is to choose a roommate that you will be comfortable living in one house and is responsible for sharing with the bills and helping out with the house chores.
  • How to tell the landlord, your roommate is moving out?
    • The landlord must receive a 30-day move-out notice from the tenant who is moving out. Failing to inform the landlord that a roommate moved out and a new one just-moved-in might be a ground for eviction. There are also some landlords who might allow you to get another roommate and allow the new roommate to take over the lease. So when your roommate is moving out, it is important that your roommate must coordinate everything not only to you but with your landlord as well. It is important that you and your roommate must be familiar with the lease and renter's obligations to avoid a problem. 




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