Characteristics of a long-term renter

by Kyra Rollins

Posted on 2017-10-03 08:35:20

Characteristics of a long-term renter


I read through multiple landord and tenant blogs, chat posts and statistics to find out what characteristics are shared among long-term renters. I have gathered a small amount of information to help you recognize that valuable long-term tenant.

Landlords, feast your eyes on this brief explanation of a tenant that stays long-term!

Three to four years is the average length of time a tenant stays in a rental property. Pintar Investment Company, a large real estate investment firm based in Orange County California, found that when more time is spent to renovate a rental home, residents stay longer, treat the properties better and are more willing to tolerate rent increases.

Here are percentages found in long-term renters: 

- 31% are families with children
- 34% are households headed by a 50 year old individual
- 40% are individuals aged 30-49
- 11% are top-income households which has been the fastest growing segment over time, this 11% is creating a trend called "lifestyle renters".

The list below has a few reasons regarding why tenants leave:

-Too Expensive
-More Space
-Less Space- Downsize
-Job Change/Relocation
-Maintenance Problems
-Neighbor Problems
-Change of Neighborhood
-Market Change

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Spruce up those properties landlords, it's worth it in the long run.