Intro to the Smart Housing Suite

by Andrea West

Posted on 2016-12-07 09:38:46

The Smart Housing Platform contains multiple products targeted to help make the lives of property managers easier. We post when updates and additions are made, but thought the total Smart Housing package might be easier to keep track of listed all in one place.


Types of Accounts

  • Resident - this account allows residents to make rent payments online with a bank account, credit card, or debit card and make maintenance requests. They will also be able to renew their residential lease form in the near future.

  • Landlord - an account for landlords who manage one to forty-nine units. Landlords can post invoices, receive payments, set up a basic monthly accounting system, view maintenance requests, send and receive online rental applications, and view tenant screening reports. There is also an area to keep track of property expenses.

  • Professional - for property managers of fifty to one thousand units, this account offers the same type of amenities offered in the landlord account and includes the ability to use our in-office card reader.

  • Enterprise - for properties with over one thousand units, this account has the ability to manage online rent payments, view maintenance requests, utilize apartment applications online, and run tenant screening and background checks. Enterprise accounts can also be set up with check scanners and in-office card readers.



  • Online Rent Payments - invoice and receive payments from residents and also receive deposits and application fees.

  • Smart Applications - property managers can email a link to the application and then be able to view the completed application and accept the fee through their Smart Housing account.

  • Smart Screening with Smart Score - more than just a credit score, there are multiple packages to choose from with detailed reports and graphs to interpret the applicant’s financial picture. Smart Score is a combination of the credit score with other important legal and financial factors. To view the credit score alone, property managers must go through a verification process.

  • Smart Pages - with seven customizable property website templates to choose from that are SEO optimized, property managers can increase the visibility of their properties online.

  • In-office Card Reader - easily accept deposits, application fees, rent fees, or other miscellaneous fees in the office by plugging the credit card reader into your computer and using Smart Housing to process the payment.


Coming Soon

  • Smart Lease - use the available lease outline or customize the lease to form a document which then pulls data from the potential resident’s application to fill in the blanks. The potential resident can then sign online to seal the deal.

  • Smart Accounting - while already available, a more in-depth accounting option for landlords and a complete package for enterprise users will be offered, tested by landlords and property managers.

  • Gas station cash payments - an option to pay rent at partnered gas stations.